Saturday, June 2, 2012

Crew Player Performance as Starter

Updated player averages based off Points Earned per Start, Goal Differential and "Helltown Score" (which is that sum of Pts per Start and Goal Diff).

That chart can be found here. LINK.

On the far right under the "All Crew Players 2011 2012" tab there is a filter you can use to edit by active players currently on roster or non active (xx).

The Helltown Score is simple and blunt measurement. Just like with everything you have outlying data points that are usually players with less games. A 5 game minimum might be a little on the low side but it is enough to spot a trend.

Here is what the Helltown Score Starting line up would be:


Sebastian Miranda
Josh Williams
Julius James
Nemanja Vukovic

Danny O'Rourke

Eddie Gaven
Milovan Mirosevic
Bernardo Anor

Emilio Renteria
Justin Meram

Play players who are performing. Achieve consistency by setting goals using proven metrics. Communicate those metrics to the team and start the players that hit them.

Eliminate gray areas. Reward success and punish failure. Allow the exceptional. Set standards based on what is required by the position (on the line or on the pitch) and not the person.

By itself, the Helltown Score isn't a metric I would use to start or sit players but it could be useful in evaluating performance over time.

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