Sunday, June 17, 2012

Crew Rd. 13, Draw Three Things

Gillette Stadium is cursed... CURSED I TELL YOU, for removing natural grass a half decade ago. Now that it's fake and plastic the Patriots can't win the SuperbOwl and the poor Revs and fans have to put up with bad camera angles and half way erased football markings.

Same as the last part of "ONE:" the camera angle is for NFL action and not soccer. Which leads me to...

Fox Sports Ohio needs to send their folks (Dwight Burgess and Duncan Oughton) to these away games so they can call them live. Burgess already has a hard time reading the game in person (taking in to account endless plugs he has to do during live play) let alone trying to call it from a TV screen. The bad angle only exasperated the problem as Burgess, on a few occasions, went on about how crowded the far side of the pitch was.

Was much more exciting than the...


• Hard to appropriately comment on this game. The TV angle was horrible and the guys calling it weren't there and were watching the same thing I was. I seem to remember that the Ohio News Network (ONN) sent Burgess and Oughton to away games. It may have been standard definition but at least their call was informed.

• Here is what I could extrapolate from what I saw:

• Milovan Mirosevic had his best half of the year. His 1st 45 were excellent. 2nd half not so much. Either he is not fit or he just didn't care. Both equally criminal in my book (granted, it's a very large book with lots of pictures and it is called the SOCCRONOMICON).

• Kevan George finally had an iffy game. I like this kid so far though. Sometimes having a bad game is good, especially if your bad isn't that bad. SEE: Plate XIV. Page 1138 of the SOCCRONOMICON.

• Tony Tchani is getting better but I don't see positive attacking contributions yet.

• At this point I'd rather see Eric Gehrig just start -- even over a healthy Julius James and Carlos Mendez. Gehrig had a great 2nd half after coming on as a sub. His feet are looking better too.

• Andy Gruenebaum, Josh Williams, Eddie Gaven and Justin Meram were the bright spots along with Gehrig.

• A clean sheet draw on the road is fine. On to the next one.

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