Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Crew Offseason, Outside Looking In

So the Renteria contract ending thing and him playing at a high level in Venezuela has got me thinking... What are the other Crew players doing in the offseason to stay sharp. Not to say taking some time off is bad, just sayin'... Let's take a look.

NOT DOING ANYTHING (as far as I know)
Andy Gruenebaum, Justin Meram (no news on him over the break. Seems frustrated though. Just a hunch. Camps, I see. Excellent player), Bernardo Anor (shares same hometown with Renteria. I imagine he is in Venezuela as well.), Tom Heinemann, Eddie Gaven, Sebasti├ín Miranda, Chad Marshall, Will Hesmer, Danny O´Rourke, Eric Gehrig, Shaun Francis, Aaron Horton, The new goal keeper kid.

Emmanuel Ekpo (Nigerian NT but no games), Julius James (Trinidad NT in Nov.), Rich Balchan (in rehab, seems to be determined. I like this guy), Tony Tchani (Generation Adidas player but missed the trip to Holland due to illness?)

Emilio Renteria (Heheh. Yeah! Playing competitively in Venezuela. On the national team that will be in Phoenix on Jan. 21.), Robbie Rogers (say what you will, he has been trying out all over England. That's something), Dilly Duka (Generation Adidas is keeping him busy. Had two goals in three games during time in Holland).

Not a lot of news on the team this time of year. Looking at the calendar I see that there is a pre-season thing down in Charleston, SC in a couple months. Thinking about going. But till then... I hope the folks on the team are working hard. This time of year offers an opportunity in a way. A competitive advantage can be gained over the other teams.

Are the Crew taking advantage? It's not only the players that need to keep things moving. Team supporters, fans, bloggers, etc... they need to keep supporting, cheering, writing, and asking questions. Like... are we going to overpay for Renteria because we are lazy?

Seattle became the keepers of Major League Soccer in a few short years. DC's Goff is and has been MLS royalty in terms of league writing and respect. FC Dallas has a guy out there holding it down. The Crew need to be a part of this if they are to remain relevant.

The Crew list...

1. David Burgin. Alive! and my favorite soccer writer. Period.
2. Aaron Katzeman. Better and more professional than the local paper's beat writer. And. Will be writing on the Crew long after I am.
3. Scott Briggs. PBR? Impressed. Doin' it.
4. That Massive thing Report. Kill the mid-west cliche-like negativity. More harm than good last year but... it is the thing to read for Crew fans. No link, though. Still upset about the hot flashes a couple writers got mid-season last year.

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