Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Because It's My Country, by Preston Zimmerman

Below are Preston's thoughts today on the United States Men's National Soccer Team. I thought they were insightful and worth noting, so I fashioned them into post.

It is truly, as Jared DuBois descriptively puts it: "his Network moment".

Take it away, Preston!

I thought it would be cool getting Klinsmann as US National team coach, but I think it's actually worse than when Bradley was coach....

Requirements to get on US National team under Klinsmann: Be a fake American, be born outside the US, have one US distant relative.

I see the team is calling in guys who are really germans who know they've got no chance of playing for Germany so they'll settle with the US. That's embarrassing when a good friend of mine says he met one of the guys at the airport and he couldnt reply back in English as US Natl player.

I try my hardest not to tweet US soccer stuff but there are some stuff out there that drive me crazy. Don't mistake any of my tweets for jealousy, I never expect to be called in or involved with anything and it doesn't hurt my feelings.

I would just like to see true, real Americans who would live and die for this country representing our country. But when the olympic team holds mini-camps in Germany with all 'european players' then something is wrong. The kids in college are just as good, if not better, than some of the kids from the reserve teams getting invited to camp. But the college kids don't speak German and they don't have ties outside the US so they don't qualify for the US under Klinsmann.

Am I the only one here who thinks this or are there others? People have to speak up when they don't like what's going on. If Klinsmann was winning and very successful with his approach then my words would carry no weight, but I don't see any success squeaking out 1-0 wins against CONCACAF villages isn't success...

People can bash me for whatever reason, but I hate seeing my country's national team being misused and disrespected. I know plenty of guys who are in MLS and know what it's like to play for their country who deserve a look for the US team. I hope the US team wins and dominates just as much as anybody else because it's my country and I want my country to be #1 and dominate.

Don't want anybody to take my tweets negatively or as criticism to make somebody look bad, I just have passion and interest in the US team.

Preston Zimmerman is currently playing in the 3. Liga in Germany. He is American. He is also only one of 3 out of 26 foreigners on his SV Darmstadt 98 side.


Bleeno said...

well, these college kids don't get called up because they don't have experience in big games. i agree that we shouldn't be populating our national team with foreigners who aren't good enough for their own national teams but countries look around for ancestral qualifications all the time.
what we need is to train and foster home grown talent. world class talent and bango, he'll get his true Americans...

Larry W Johnson II said...

i think he has a camp coming up with mostly american mls players in offseason. almost like we have 2 teams now. team A; players overseas, B; MLS guys. the more i think about it with players all scattered around in different leagues and teams, the more it seems impossibly complicated to put a solid US team together.