Friday, December 16, 2011

Failing to Ignite

The Crew getting similar MLS hot stove fly overs from Grant Wahl (Sports Illustrated) and Jonah Freedman (

"Crew Stadium will always deserve props for being MLS's first soccer stadium, but let's be honest: It looks downright cheap compared to Kansas City's Livestrong Sporting Park and Red Bull Arena. Columbus's owner, the Hunt Sports Group, doesn't want to spend much money on its coaching staff, and the Crew hasn't created much buzz since the departure of Guillermo Barros Schelotto."

"Columbus: A midfield playmaker. Crew-ville is almost as tired of hearing “We need a new Guillermo Barros Schelotto” as they are of hearing the cliché “offseason overhaul.” But facts are facts: Columbus haven’t been anywhere near as dynamic since GBS departed Crew Stadium. A string-puller with even half his talent would help everyone in C-bus move on."


"Let's be honest": I happen to like that the Crew doesn't feel the need to make a big splash. Especially just to be fodder for an article about future articles Wahl will be writing.

The coaching staff comment is stinging. Pretty much saying it is "Ohio nice." But not off the mark entirely. I think the coaching staff is okay but the front office doesn't get enough attention. I like Wahl. What a bummer of a write up for the Crew though.

On the stadium; I just think they need to cover the fans from rain/snow, improve the video screen and replace the bench seating. I can have that quoted out if so requested.

Freedman was more affectionate with his wording but, I don't know anyone who lives in or supports "C-bus" and "Crew-ville."

Spitting into the wind here, I guess. Interesting though, how two national type media articles had similar blurbs/summaries.

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