Sunday, December 26, 2010

VIII. Only Interesting To Me

1. Happy Boxing Day

2. Soccernomics is a great book
A friend got me this for Christmas, maybe he read my in depth objective mathematical analysis of the World Cup? I doubt it. I wish I picked it up when it came out early this year before the WC so I am a year late on this book, but well worth the read now. It looks at soccer from a broad view, but also digs into the EPL a great deal. I read about half of it last night, couldn't put it down.

2a. Another book I was digging into is Lean Thinking
Until Soccernomics came along. The "bible" for anyone in manufacturing that I had yet to read.

2b. Impulsed bought The Bible last night.
By The Bible, I mean the 1611 King James version with the Apocrypha. I have not had a copy since I moved to Ohio. Looking forward to getting it in the mail. Sorry Amazon employees that had to work today. I had to work as well though. So thar.

3. 2010 is hath neareth an end.
Therefore, verily I say unto you, a game of this year of our Lord needeth to be made. Doest thou beleiveith the dearth of such in this year? Ok.

4. Jim Tressel
There are rumblings of OSU coach Tressel leaving after the bowl game already. is reporting that two sources have said as much. More on that in another post.

5. My beenie weenie dip today includes queso blanco dip with roadhouse chili for the Brownies game. We'll see how that goes. My relationship analysis based on history, experience and weenie density is telling me with high probability that it will result in a nap.

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