Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Those Football Guys in the Clouds

Yeah, they care about Brett Favre's streak ending. But! what do they care more about?

An outdoor game in frozen Minnesota because the Metrodome roof collapsed. I'm all for it. Only problem I have is the artificial turf field.

The AP reports:
"The outdoor game will be a test for Minnesotans no longer accustomed to braving the frigid December air to watch pro football. The last outdoor Vikings game at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, which the Metrodome replaced, was held on Dec. 20, 1981 - 29 years to the day before this Monday's Vikings-Bears matchup. The Vikings lost that game to the Kansas City Chiefs by a score of 10-6."

29 years to the day. So let it be written... so. let. it. be. done.

Let's take this one step further... well, two steps.

Cold weather teams winning the Super Bowl?

26 wins to 18 warm weather teams. Meh, not much there but more then enough to show advantage (20 points of data is what I need).

How about we look at dome teams:

3 dome teams have won... verse 41 outdoor. I count old Dallas Stadium as outdoor.

Let that be written.

Consider this your Football Gods 101 lesson. 102 would be turf teams verse natural grass... 1st homework assignment? How many Super Bowls has New England won since switching back to turf in 2006?

Answer? Zero.

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