Thursday, December 2, 2010

The City of Cleveland vs. LeBron

Right now is the big game for Cleveland so here I am writing about it. I was wondering earlier today if I would watch it. More then a few folks were talking about LeBron's return to Cleveland. Welp, it's on my television right now. I guess it is unavoidable.

I will say, first off, that this is the first time I've watched anything on TNT in about 15 years.

Second off, I've watched a few NBA games this year. Which is more then I've watched in about 15 years as well.

1st Quarter:
- Tip off. Cleveland fans are booing everything.
- Juwan Howard sighting on the bench for Miami.
- LeBron first touch. Booing. Hits the jumper from the corner.
- Audio is funny, wondering if TNT changed something.
- NBA basketball can be hard to watch. Sticking with it.
- Hixon for Cleveland is the best player on the court right now.
- LeBron isn't looking to shoot. Typical for him in big games.
- Cleveland playing well, up by 5.
- This game has an unusual high school feel to it. It looks like they moved the fans closer to the court.
- "Akron hates you" chant. Creative.
- James lost his headband!
- Headband back, hits jumper.
- TNT going through crappy moments in Cleveland sports history. Then shows Bernie Kosar. I'm depressed now.
- Miami is taking over towards the end of the quarter now. Cavs look bad.
- 16-0 run.

Quarter over. Mercifully. Heat is up. Didn't bother looking at the score.

- 2nd. Heat by 7.
- Wade for the Heat stepping up with Bron on the bench.
- Commercials coming in hard and heavy now. A-Team movie tie in with the NBA. Reason #1 to not ever watch that movie now.
- Byron Scott, coach of the Cavs "They are getting points down there, time for us to get points up here."
- Bron has 13 with 4 mins left in half.

Aaaand, halftime.

- My resolve is weakening to continue to watch.
- Charles Barkley said some interesting things about how LeBron was over chatting it up with the Cavs bench. I'm with Chuck. Compete. This game is really flat.

3rd quarter:

- Still here. Heat is up by 23. Cavs are playing very un-inspired.
- A-hole chant going...
- "Scottie Pippen" chant now... I like that one. Only problem is, LeBron is heating up.
- Heat up 28 now. Wow. LeBron has 25.
- 4 mins left in the 3rd. Heat up 38 now.

I've had enough. My conclusion is that it's sort of sad to see the Cavs going down like this. They look like they just want it over. No fight. No nothing.

Still in the 3rd quarter... LeBum closing in on 40 and has a mean look on his face. He may finish with 50+.

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Jim said...

Lebron has no class. Cam Newton has no class. This will hold them both back.