Sunday, December 12, 2010

VII. Only Interesting To Me

1. Tron Legacy and Daft Punk
Tron is visual representation of what goes on in my computer. Daft Punk is musicalistical representation of the same. They are made for each other. Derezzed video. Musicalistical is not a word. Olivia Wilde stops the show at the end of the video. To save you search... American blue blood, a hoity toity NY family; married to a real Italian Blue Blood prince.

2. Metrodome roof collapsed**** (deflated) under 2 ft of snow
It is just a inflatable thing made of, like, Teflon. Pull that sucker out and play with out it. An outdoor game in Minnesota is what the football gods command! Oh, and speaking of those football gods; this thing is sort of surreal because a lot of things are converging all at once. Favre's streak, bringing Favre to the Vikings to help get a new stadium built, and the near end of Favre's career.

2a. Best headline so far: "Metrodome Roof Collapsed, Just Like The Dreams Of The Vikings Fans It Shelters"

2b. AND OH MY... There is video. Actually scary.

3. Winter is here in Ohio as well
-5 with wind chill tonight. It's a winter wonderland now, I'll add photos below.

4. A brand new 1984 Buick GNX
This happens to be one of those proverbial dream cars for me. The thing is a beast and a new on still sits for sale. Check the story here.

5. My Brownies not on TV today?? BOOOOOOOOOO

That's a pick of Helltown Beer HQ.

Almost looks like black and white photos, but they are not.

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