Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tebow, Tebow, Tebow

I read that Tim Tebow's coach at Florida stepped down this week. The same week that the coach of Tebow's pro team, the Denver Broncos, was fired. There are too many things pointing to Urban Meyer re-teaming with Tebow. It is an emotional matter for Meyer. When Tebow graduated last year he flirted with stepping down because of, in my opinion, Tebow was gone. They had a very close relationship outside of the fact that they won two National Championships.

Tim Tebow with Urban Meyer in Denver could be a successful combo for more then a decade. Players like Tebow build stadiums (see: Payton Manning and Lucus Oil Stadium in Indianapolis). Some people undervalue relationships in the professional sports world and for good reason. But I think Tebow is a special player and person. I see this happening.

So says the crystal ball I'm looking at. Like a crazy person. I also have fond memories chanting, "Tebow, TEbow, Tebow!" when he was at Florida with special person and hope I can again so let's just say that my mind is saying it will happen along with my heart and call it a day.

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