Friday, December 31, 2010

Blackpool, Liverpool & Soccernomics

Just got done flying over the EPL standings as of right now. I figure I've got to post this real quick because there are EPL games tomorrow, so here goes.

Almost done with the book Soccernomics. Good stuff but a couple things do bother me. Not so much on his statistics, but on his approach to race that rears its ugly head mid way through. Maybe I'll get to that later.

So what of Blackpool and Liverpool?

Blackpool has a problem. A few actually. They have only played 17 games while the rest of the league is at an average of 19. 5 teams have played 20 and 11 have played 19. Why is this a problem for them? They stink at home, yet there they sit at 8th place with 2 less games. They are really breaking the mold on away games. If they can get back up to the extremely reliable home mean they have a chance at moving up the standings.

Liverpool has the opposite problem... they are atrocious away from Anfield. If league rank were only home record they would be second. That said Aston Villa jumps the table the most at home. 12 spots actually. From being ranked 15th to being ranked 3rd.

That's all I have for now outside the fact that being able to not loose away from home will win you the EPL. How do you win away from home? have the most fans. That's you Manchester United.

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