Tuesday, December 29, 2020

My Highest Rated 20 and Under MLS

This is a high-level look at MLS players 20 and under (as of season end). I'm using Minutes, Passing, Goals/Assists as quick indicators of quality. Obviously, there is more to the game than that, but this is just a way to clear the clutter a bit. 

Minutes - often a missed or undervalued key indicator of quality. I mean the coach wouldn't play you if you were horrible, right (Sebastian Berhalter)?

Passing - shorthand for good with the ball

Scoring - where the money is made.

Here's everyone 20 and under.

Hell ScorePlayer NameTeamAgeMinsG+A p90 (no pk)Pass%Pass Att
9.26Brenden AaronsonPHI201,9040.3879%568
6.58Daryl DikeORL201,2170.7473%197
6.49Gianluca BusioSKC181,2720.2884%681
6.45Brian RodríguezLAF201,4390.5067%575
6.17Cole BassettCOL199790.9281%413
6.04James SandsNYC201,4050.0689%909
5.94Ayo AkinolaTFC201,0600.7678%170
5.64Bryan ReynoldsFCD191,2690.2181%658
5.60Luis BinksMTL191,7630.0086%961
5.59Andrés PereaORL191,2010.1585%585
5.49George BelloATL181,6430.1185%937
5.49Jaylin LindseySKC201,0600.1783%625
5.35Cristian CásseresNYR201,3130.2777%695
4.87Ignacio AlisedaCHI201,3990.1985%394
4.77Frankie AmayaFCC201,7330.0586%938
4.75Aboubacar KeitaCLB209420.0090%541
4.73Jesus FerreiraFCD199730.1876%389
4.70Tanner TessmannFCD191,0070.0984%539
4.17Julian AraujoLAG191,2900.2173%569
4.04Pablo BonillaPDX208820.1077%402
3.73Matías PellegriniMIA209590.2877%332
3.48Marcos LópezSJE209890.2773%570
3.24Ricardo PepiFCD174660.5883%103
3.14Kevin ParedesDCU179460.1077%395
2.98Sebastian BerhalterCLB193970.0084%282
2.90Dru YearwoodNYR206090.0074%286
2.88Aidan MorrisCLB183660.0086%198
2.60Julián CarranzaMIA205480.3373%83
2.54Michael BaldisimoVAN207050.1383%430
2.50Efrain AlvarezLAG187240.2572%329
2.19Cameron DukeSKC192210.0073%56
2.17Caden ClarkNYR172790.6556%79
2.09Paxton PomykalFCD201530.5982%91
1.95Ralph Priso-MbongueTFC181590.0086%122
1.94Mathias JørgensenNYR202690.0047%43
1.91Jayden NelsonTFC181460.0076%49
1.91Thomás ChacónMIN201730.0080%44
1.86Moses NyemanDCU174930.0081%279
1.86Jacob ShaffelburgTFC201280.0052%33
1.83Griffin YowDCU183910.4673%97
1.83Ben MinesNYR201751.0362%65
1.83Jack De VriesPHI18150.0033%3
1.79Cole TurnerPHI1940.00100%5
1.74Danny LeyvaSEA17570.0097%37
1.73Ethan DobbelaereSEA17530.0082%11
1.71Joseph ScallyNYC17700.0082%50
1.69Cade CowellSJE174750.3868%98
1.64Dante SealyFCD17530.0085%34
1.63Jordan BenderORL19460.0064%11
1.59Joshua AtencioSEA18140.0094%32
1.56Álvaro BarrealFCC203240.0067%88
1.54Edwin CerrilloFCD20190.0067%6
1.50Zico BaileyFCC202940.0091%173
1.50Noble OkelloTFC20230.0056%9
1.48Tyler WolffATL171200.0083%48
1.42Bryce DukeLAF192410.0078%187
1.40Christian MakounMIA201870.0071%56
1.31George CampbellATL19470.0081%47
1.10Niccolo LemoineHOU201700.0068%41
1.07Jeizon RamírezRSL19910.0075%44
1.07David OchoaRSL19900.0000
0.84Kwadwo OpokuLAF19541.6781%21
0.82Christopher GarciaRSL1710.0067%3
0.81Karifa YaoMTL201280.0076%41
0.76Brian GutiérrezCHI17330.0056%18
0.73Mohamed TraoreLAF18450.0071%34
0.72Carlos TeránCHI20160.0069%13
0.72Andre Reynolds IICHI19170.0050%10
0.69Marcelo PalominoHOU19240.0096%23
0.47Carlos HarveyLAG201090.0088%43
0.40Cameron DunbarLAG18840.0071%24
0.39Damiano PecileVAN1810.0000
0.20Jacob AkanyirigeSJE18680.0086%36
0.16Siad HajiSJE20530.0094%17
0.00Gilbert FuentesSJE1860.0070%10

Hell Score is my own player rating system. I've used it since 2011. It uses traditional box score stats and mixes in overall team performance vs the rest of the league.

The top chart shows the number of passes/passing percentage. The top right corner - the good passers. Bit of a gap, too.

The bottom chart shows minutes played and Goals+Assists per 90 minutes no penalties.


Brenden Aaronson, James Sands, Cole Bassett, Luis Binks, Gianluca Busio. About in that order. Aaronson is already on the move. Bassett might be. I don't expect Binks to hang around MLS. I really like Sands but I don't see much attention around him. Busio's level might be MLS, which is fine.

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