Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Crew to Host Sounders in MLS Cup Final

Seattle beat Minnesota in dramatic fashion last night and will now travel to Columbus to take on the Crew at Crew Stadium (aka not Insurance Stadium). Somewhat surprisingly, the Crew are the slight favorites (+145 to Seattle's +165) for the match that is scheduled to happen this Saturday, Dec 12, at 8:00 PM on Fox.

The edge going to Columbus likely comes via 2 more days rest and not having to travel. In a way, the odds being so close even with the Crew having a big home cooking advantage is a testament to how talented Seattle is this year.

Seattle has been in 3 of the last four MLS Cup Finals, winning 2 of them. Columbus hosted a final just five years ago, losing to Portland. The Sounders will come into the game the less nervous of the two teams, certainly, and in MLS that gives you a sort of edge because these "big" games can go kinda sideways with a questionable call here or there (yes, the Tchani out of bounds play, but remember that Parkhurst pulled Adi down in the box on several Portland corners).

Harrison Afful and Waylon Francis are the only two returning players from that 2015 final for the Crew. Seattle is returning north of 7 starters from last year's final.

RIGHT NOW... I'd give the Sounders a 2-1 win. Columbus' defense was one of the best throughout the season, but it's just a razor-thin margin better than Seattle's. There's just too much talent on Seattle and very little in the way of weaknesses. For Columbus, they have a bunch of really good players, but not great. That's the early read, anyway. We shall know more later this week.


It's very exciting to have Columbus host another final during the time I have been covering the team. The last five years have been about as wild a ride as there is, so here's to the Crew getting a win, putting the messy past behind them, and starting fresh in their new stadium next year.

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