Saturday, June 11, 2016

Top Rated in June, Cowherd Thoughts

Making a note here, before Euro 2016 starts over on ESPN. This is June 1 - June 9 and cable sporting events only.

Viewers - Event (Network)
3,490 - WWE: Raw (USA)
3,371 - WWE: Raw (USA)
2,903 - WWE: Raw (USA)
2,789 - NHL: Pittsburgh vs. San Jose (NBCSN)
2,507 - NHL: Pittsburgh vs. San Jose (NBCSN)
2,169 - WWE: Smackdown (USA)
1,996 - WWE: Smackdown (USA)
1,788 - Copa America: Mexico vs. Jamaica (UDN)
1,476 - College Softball: Auburn vs. Oklahoma (ESPN)
1,453 - Copa America: USA vs Costa Rica (FS1)
1,430 - College Softball: Auburn vs. Oklahoma (ESPN)
1,385 - NASCAR: Pocono (FS1)
1,377 - NASCAR: Pocono (FS1)
1,357 - MLB: San Francisco vs. St. Louis (ESPN)
1,302 - Copa America: USA vs. Columbia (FS1)

Despite empty stadiums, Copa America is all over the top programs in June. Lots of games, lots of repeats that people seem to be watching. It's got US sports personality Colin Cowherd taking about the popularity of soccer (video below) in the USA. It's an interesting conversation, but one that's been going on for generations. Soccer has been "top four" for some time. Just doesn't have a top four league in the US. MLS would be lucky to crack top 10 in the US when you include things like college sports and WWE and racing.

The overlap with Euro 2016 is going to be very interesting. The expanded tournament kicked off last night and is loaded with games (ie. content) for weeks.

Side note: These numbers for college softball are huge. For comparison, MLS Cup Final ratings haven't been able to crack one million for years on ESPN.

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