Saturday, June 11, 2016

Non-Penalty G + A Leaders (MLS)

MLS is in the middle getting out of the way of one summer tournament or another at the moment, but it gives us some time to take a step back and take a look at a few performance metrics.

First up is non-penalty goals + assist leaders, thus far (with some extended info!) with a minimum of 900 minutes. "NPG+A" is a simple measurement that's a little worn, but an important one to monitor, non-the-less.

1.00Joao PlataRSL46902$175,000Guayaquil, Ecuador24
0.95Sacha KljestanNYR2101142$687,500Huntington Beach, California30
0.90Sebastian GiovincoTFC651101$7,115,556Turin, Italy29
0.85Ignacio PiattiMTL831169$425,000General Baldissera, Argentina31
0.79Kevin MolinoNYCFC53909$121,400Carenage, Trinidad & Tobago25
0.79Fanendo AdiPDX721027$712,500Lagos, Nigeria25
0.78Mike MageeLAG53925$250,000Long Grove, Illinois31
0.78Chris PontiusPHI541042$411,000Yorba Linda, California29
0.78Gyasi ZardesLAG44929$472,500Hawthorne, California24
0.77Bradley Wright-PhillipsNYR821164$710,000Lewisham, England31
0.77Dominic OduroMTL451058$235,000Pramso, Ghana30
0.65Thomas McNamaraNYCFC34969$85,000West Nyack, New York25
0.60S├ębastien Le TouxPHI24906$310,228Rennes, France32
0.60Mike GrellaNYR431058$155,000Glen Cove, New York29

This year we are seeing, at least in the early going, goals coming from more players. Noticeably less top heavy this year vs. previous. General observation, but we usually see more players over the magical Helltown number of 0.60 (an attacking player of which I deem "Good").

Another observation is that there aren't any grossly underpaid players popping up at the top. Thomas McNamara is performing well in the metric and only at $85k, but we usually see a handful of guys up here in the under $100k club.

A couple more call-outs:

- Giovinco is have one of those MLS seasons were you feel he knows he's proved what he can do and on his way out.

- Good to see Chris Pontius on this list. Hopeful that he's finally fully returned from injury.

- NY Red Bull players benefitting from the freakshow vs. NYCFC.

- Last year Kei Kamara and Ethan Finlay were bouncing around the top 10 all year. No Crew SC players so far this year. Ola Kamara (4 goals in 410 mins) still has a few minutes to go before he pops up over 900.

All for now. There's still a little over half the season to play.

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