Monday, October 6, 2014

Massive City FFC: A Brief Ranking of Rebranded MLS team Crests

"Columbus, Ohio has been the most important city for American soccer, and the Columbus Crew have been the most reliable pillar for Major League Soccer, since 1994. The league does not exist in its current form without Columbus. The league, most likely, does not exist at all without Columbus. These are truths, whether MLS 2.0 through 2.9 and the television networks acknowledge the essential importance of the Black & Gold, or not." - Justin Bell, Massive City FFC

With a Columbus Crew rebrand on the horizon earlier in the year Steve Abreu, Gabe Schultz and myself joined Massive City FFC in running over the 18 rebrands in Major League Soccer of the 20 years it has existed. We take some time to write down our thoughts on each and every one. Some good, some bad, plus a few that probably should have never seen the light of day (including an old Colorado logo that looks like a Cub Scouts badge you might earn for playing soccer while camping in a tipi on a whitewater rafting trip).

Crew rebrand is Oct 8th. Just a couple days away. There are a lot of roads that have been traveled and many we hope the Crew avoid. While you're waiting head on over and give it a read. The opening by Justin Bell, especially, is very much worth your time.

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