Friday, October 31, 2014

Aggregate Score Playoffs with Away Goal Rule in Play

Home and away series begins tomorrow afternoon. It’s good to have a home. The Columbus Crew have the original soccer-only home in Major League Soccer. It’s good to have a home.
Home is where we feel comfortable, most of the time. At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to feel.

For sports teams, leaning the theoretical recliner back, cracking open a beverage and munching on some jalapeno and habanero infused chili dip is a recipe for disaster.

Successful teams, a grouping which the Black and Gold can rightfully place themselves within, enjoy a good night’s sleep, a morning meal with family or teammates and then they stroll purposefully into a familiar stadium.
Boots are clean. Uniforms hang in lockers. Routines are followed. Superstitions abided by.

Pregame walk-through precedes another visit to the locker room. The Sporting Director lays out the starting line-up and says a few words of encouragement. Back onto the pristine field for warm-up.
One last time into the friendly confines of the locker room. A moment of silence to remember why we play the game. For love and passion. For family and friends. And, finally, most importantly, to have a chance to play again. A chance to play the game we love once more.

There is no time for recliners. There is no time for comfort food. There is no time for comfort.
When the Black and Gold step onto the field and the whistle blows, home is where we prove we love the game more than our opponents. We want to play again. We always want to play again. The great, the passionate know…it’s about the game.

Whether alone with the ball, or together with just one other like-minded soul, the game is always on. In the street, in the yard, in the warehouse or the glorious stadium, the game, for the truly passionate is always on.
Play to win for one reason and one reason only…to play again. Comfort can eat caviar and watch for all I care. Comfort will not play again.

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