Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Blunt Note to Time Warner Cable of Columbus

By: Vidda "JibJab" Grubin

There has been much ado concerning the Columbus Crew and their television deal with Time Warner Cable. In my opinion, the ball is now in Time Warner's defensive third.

Clearly, the Crew would like all of their games available to all fans. The Crew is working to foster a solution.

Is Time Warner working towards a solution which benefits their own company? The center ref is ready to pull out a red card. Time Warner's behavior is under intense scrutiny.

There is a direct path to the promised land of many more customers switching to Time Warner's product.


The customers that Time Warner Cable is attempting to sell its product to, through the broadcast deal with the Crew, are soccer fans. There are many thousands of these "soccer fans" eagerly searching for the perfect option in terms of cable/dish/wifi provider.

Almost no one is going to switch providers, especially not soccer fans, in order to gain access to a mere handful of games, even if those games involve their beloved Black and Gold.

But, most of that same legion of soccer fans would jump over to Time Warner Cable...if Time Warner Cable added a robust/unique package of soccer content to go along with the new Columbus Crew deal.

To be blunt, Time Warner Cable wants more subscribers. Well, boys, if you want that business you have to offer an attractive package of options, and not of the type in the photos above.

Best of luck to TWC.

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