Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MR Podcast Reaches 100th Episode (but 99th was more interesting)

The 100th Massive Report podcast recorded yesterday and most of the original group that started it a few years back were on hand to talk about old times. If you are interested, all of the MR podcast episodes can be found at the Massive Report site or on Stitcher.

I've only been a part of it for a little over a year (though it has been a good chunk, 35+ or so?) but it has been a fun and interesting experience.

Speaking of interesting...

Episode 99 of the MR podcast featured none other than Columbus Crew President Mark McCullers. The reason for Mr. McCullers visit to a fan generated outlet was due in large part to the negative response to the new TV deal the team signed with Time Warner.

The news of a guest of McCullers' stature arrived late to the Massive Report team and it wasn't until the show was going live that most of the regular 'round table' participants found out that the interview was to be a one on one with regular podcast host Matt Goshert (with producer Sam Fahmi chiming in).

The decision to exclude regular MR participants caused friction with some of the rest of the regular MR podcast team, myself included. There were some that felt that if the Crew weren't willing to put a guest on under normal podcast circumstances (as many, many others have including the likes of Simon Borg, Steve Davis, Frankie Hejduk, Robert Warzycha, Steve Sirk and even a former MLB player that ripped soccer) then Massive Report should say "no thanks."

The whole thing was last minute, rushed and somewhat intense. Adding to that intensity was a number of high ranking Crew employees making a visit. Matt Goshert couldn't have done a better job but would I have liked to see the Massive Report team have McCullers on to do a round table discussion? Yes, of course.

However, on the flip side, is agreeing to a round table discussion with the likes of Justin Bell, Chris LaMacchia, Jim Bach, Nate Beckman, Larry Johnson (me!) and/or Patrick Guldan (Managing Editor of Massive Report) intimidating? Yes, but this approach is why the MR podcast works and I believe if the Crew were to embrace it that it would go a long, long way with fans.

I've learned a boatload of things being part of the MR podcast since the beginning of last year and appreciate the time I've been allowed to spend taking part there. It's certainly never been dull and the 99th episode only stands in proof of that. What a powerful thing individuals can become.

The strongest steel is forged from the hottest fires. A big old congrats to Massive Report Podcast on 100 shows.

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