Saturday, June 22, 2013

Predictions: Crew (H) v Fire

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The Chicago Fire are in Columbus today to take on the Crew. Game start is 8:00 PM Eastern. 7:00 PM Central.

-CLB: Crew coming off 2:0 win over Montreal.
-CLB: Big crowd tonight for Fireworks postgame.
-CLB: Viana close to back, possible last start for LB Wahl.
-CLB: Williams and Marshall should be CBs, tough to beat.
-CHI: Unbeaten in last four (2 wins).
-CHI: Magee helping to salvage season, 3rd in MLS goals.
-CHI: Beaten CLB twice this year already.
-CHI: Busy schedule. US Open Cup match Wed.
-CHI: Only 2 goals on road this year (6 games)


Starting off with this week. The 'pick 'em' team over there is thinking Draw (4 votes). Another two pick the Crew. Lean goes to Home side.

Next up is Mr. Drew Epperley of WV Hooligan and SB Nation's Big D Soccer. Epperley believes this to be a Draw saying, "they have to show they can keep the momentum going for a second weekend in a row." still looking for votes on their page but even right now. Keith Hickey's comment; "The Fire have surged under Mike Magee, and a trip to Columbus is a potential six-pointer in the playoff scrap." is giving fairly normal odds for a game like this. 11/10 to home side (Crew), 23/10 Draw and 5/2 Fire.

Over at the indicators suggest the Columbus Crew will run away with this one. The "Your Votes" section is heavy on the Crew side with 69% win. Draw 23% and only 7% for Chicago (that is a notably low number, interesting). Large stake is on 1:0 Crew win.

Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch asks a question this week: "Was it a one-night mirage or the start of a turnaround? This game will help provide the answers." Look for your Dispatch where you normally find papers for sale around Columbus.


11th is an achievable goal.
Even though we've got one team on the rise here (Chicago) and another sort of stagnating (Columbus) I don't think the rising club can overrun the Crew. Mike Magee has really been finding his way to goal but overall the Fire have been poor on the road. Tonight would be their first win on the road, actually.

Something else complicating the game for the Fire tonight is the US Open Cup match the have against Orlando City this week. Chicago is taking that tournament very seriously. Mathematically, it is probably the right thing to do given their current place on the Eastern Conference table.

In order for them to have a chance a pulling within striking distance of the final spot they will need a win today. It's not a stretch to think they can overtake the Crew through the 2nd half of the year but they will still need to over take Philly and New England.

Don't expect this game to look like the Montreal game in terms of possession. This one will likely be more 'start stop' type MLS action and evenly matched.

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