Friday, June 14, 2013

Konrad Misplaces Frustration

Crew Reserves v Dayton Dutch Lions game is up over at for fans to watch. This was a fun game with 8 total goals (two were Crew handballs in the box) split even.

One moment sticks out, however. It starts at minute 27 or so. A foul is called on the Crew and the ball bounces to Konrad Warzycha. He gathers and kicks it hard towards the goalkeeper out of frustration straight into Ben Speas' face. The play is dead mind you. You can see the players walking into position.

Had the ball not hit Ben Speas' face, it would have been a yellow. Konrad did receive a warning and Speas seemed to take it in stride. Maybe the two players laughed it off on the bus ride home, I don't know, but the play didn't sit right with me. Mostly because had this been Speas kicking the ball at Konrad's face in the same manner we would probably not see Ben for weeks and get a speech about professionalism.

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