Saturday, April 20, 2013

Predictions: Crew v. Fire

The Columbus Crew are in Chicago today to take on the Fire. 8:30 PM EST, 7:30 Central.

- Been 9 games since Crew won in Chicago. That's 2006.
- 5 Wins, 4 Drawn for the Fire in that time.
- Last year teams won home matches (2 at Bridgeview, 1 in Columbus)


Bet365 is leaning Chicago on this one, which is a bit surprising when looking at form but not surprising when looking at history. 6/5 CHI Win (23/10 Draw, 9/4 Crew).

Adam Jardy, Dispatch beat writer, is leaning Crew. Leaning, as in he thinks they will win by citing the fact that the Crew have done well on the road this year. The Fire are down right now and Jardy thinks that if ever a time to win in Chicago; "...this would be it."

"I think the skill up front by the Crew is the difference," says Drew Epperley of WV Hooligan. His prediction? 2:1 Crew.

Not many votes over at for this game but the few that voted think the Crew will win this one (75%).

And now the big dog, the usually correct Win Draw Win fan vote: A pretty easy win for the Crew? Looks like it. 48% pick Crew, 29% Draw with a large stake on 3:1 Away side.


Columbus has beaten Chivas USA and DC United on the road this year with a draw in Montreal and loss in Vancouver. Overall, that's good, especially this early in the season.

Chicago has been getting better but not entirely sure where goals might come from. I think they will need two to win this one. They also have held at home verses the Crew for whatever reason since 2006. That's pretty crazy, really. If I'm the Crew I mix up the travel up there. Something isn't working.

Tough one to call. History vs. Form. On last weeks Massive Report podcast I went with a 2:0 Crew win, so I'll stick with that.

An outright Crew loss would be disappointing.

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