Tuesday, April 16, 2013

People of Columbus, Eurosnobs

Cody Sharrett, Digital Content Producer for the Columbus Crew official MLSsoccer.com internet outlet, wondered aloud on twitter: "Has #MLS ever gone head-to-head with Euro leagues in TV ratings? Man City v. Chelsea @ 11 a.m. - FOX Soccer// #Crew96 v. #IMFC @ noon - FSO."

I would gauge the prevalence of soccer fans in Columbus as Heavy. Most bars that play morning games on Saturday and Sunday see more than a handful of fans. When there are international tournaments the turnouts are huge.

Here in German Village / Brewery District we've even had a few honest to goodness fights inside and outside of local bars over the sport.

People of Columbus adore sports. They love an event. They love soccer. Kids play it. Parents coach it. Part of that love comes from the fact that most here in town are only a generation or three away from their family first arriving to this country.

But, gee wiz. Wonder why they can't seem to muster up the energy to head out to Crew Stadium.

It's not the weather. It's not the location of the stadium. It's not the 'product' on the field.

If you want people to show up everyone from the owner(s) of the organization to the interns has to be all in on the SPORT OF SOCCER. Not just the Crew.

Selling the club over the sport makes it seem like something someone can buy at the grocery store.


I am first generation American on my Mother's side. I like English soccer. I like European Soccer. I also like Mexican Soccer. The company I work for has a manufacturing facility in the Netherlands and talk soccer with them. Hell, if it's soccer and I can watch, listen or talk about it; I'm game.

Does that make me a eurosnob? Should I send my English grandmother (RAF WWII) over to your house to explain how England; part of Europe it is nowt?

Furthermore; Do I have to drop my 'eurosnobbery' before I buy tickets to a Crew game?

Not picking on Mr. Sharrett and his tweet here, but his comment is reflective of what you can find on the league's home site in more serious fashion. I've had it with MLS 'Eurosnob' name calling. We are a nation of immigrants for Christ's sake. A goddamn good one at that. Perhaps that has something to do with where we come from.. be it Europe, Central America or beyond.

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