Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Workbook Doodles

Not long ago I was clicking through Craig Robinson's (author of Flip Flop Fly Ball) site and stumbled around for some time, mesmerized by just about everything there. It got me thinking that I always appreciate it when an a writer or artist or blogger or what have you puts up doodles or quick ideas from their notebook. Not sure why that is exactly but perhaps it's an uncensored / un-polished look at how their mind works.

These come from my notepad I carry around with me at work. My handwriting has always been horrible and it gets even worse when I write standing up or on racking. The drawings are usually done when on a long call with corporate or another facility that is attended by loads of people. Most of it seems a mess now but there are so many things I wish I still had over the years like this but have since lost. Hoping they stick around in this place.

More on Robinson. He is from England and somehow fell in love with baseball as an adult. In a lot of ways it is the reverse for a lot here in the US falling of soccer. Here's a bit:

"With baseball, there was suddenly a sport that slotted into that part of my brain. Pitcher tries to do this. Batter tries to do that. Runners move methodically around the bases, defensive plays work like clockwork. Even the little rituals, like not stepping on the foul lines or the manager physically taking the ball from a pitcher and handing it to the reliever, felt nice in my brain."

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