Wednesday, May 9, 2012

No Power Rankings, Only the FUTURE

Just looked at the MLS schedule tonight, lots of games. Hm. Instead of posting power rankings, which is what I was fixin' on doing, I'll take a look into the FUTURE.

NY v. Houston
Man, great game. Houston can almost taste that orange in their new digs. That said. NY will win this one. Going against my gut and my heart though. Like this Houston team a lot. One of those teams that is very well coached.

Numbers say NY.
Gut says, Houston

Toronto v. Montreal
Woops. This game just broke my will to put much more effort in. Didn't know a Canadian Championship was going on tonight. These things stink without lower division teams. Imagine the Carling Cup with only 3 teams. Ugh. FOUR!***(top secret message)

Numbers say Montreal
Gut says? nothing really.

Chicago v. Real Salt Lake
Good game here. I'm thinking "Toyota Park" is in III. In the wrong font that looks funny. It's Illinois. So Chicago is at home.

My #s say RSL
Gut says Draw, but RSL will win this sucker.

Dallas v. Seattle
FC Dallas off to a bad start and WILL get hot soon. Fortunately for Seattle, Dallas is so worried about facing Columbus on Saturday they will shat the bed on this one. Zzzzzz.

Numbers: Mean Green
Me innards say the Rex Velvet villain super guy's hometown.

Vancouver v. Edmonton
Wait. There are lower division teams in this Canadian thing? Any other blogger would go back up and edit what I said before, but I'm not bothering. Go Edmonton!

Numbers say??? uh Vancouver, I guess.
Gut says... the MLS team I guess. I'd rather see the NASL team win.

***I secret blog cheated!

Here's an indecipherable graph.

UPDATE May 11th, 2012: Both my mind and my numbers were 3 for 5. Not too bad. I'll take the numbers next time, though. Easier, sustainable and I can hang the ol' hat on it with little effort.

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