Monday, May 14, 2012

Goal Scoring Report Card, Crew

Columbus has been mediocre / poor at scoring over the past couple years. So with over a quarter of this season gone, let's take a quick look at some efficiencies.

(Graded on a A,B,C,D,F scale in relationship to the other teams in Major League Soccer this year. I pulled out goals off Penalty Kick)

Goal Scoring Distribution: C
The Crew have 6 different players with at least a goal. Middle of the pack, no matter how you slice it. Some would argue that an organized team has smaller mix of players scoring (roles and responsibilities). I tend to find having more players contributing with goals is good in MLS. That said. Columbus still doesn't have a player with a goal and an assist. Chivas the only other team in all the league that boasts that.

Individual Goal Scoring Excellence: D
There are 6 teams that have played 9 or fewer games like the Crew. 4 of them have at least one 3 goal player (TFC only other team with none).

Opportunity with Shots: B-
The Crew Average around 13 a game. Low of 5, high of 20. Incidentally that happened first two games of the year. 9 other teams averaging the around what Columbus is, but Crew slightly above league average (12.64 League, 12.78 Crew).

Finishing Chances: F
Clinically speaking? Crummy. Ranked 17th out of 19. Only TFC and Chivas are behind them. 6% of shots go in. League average is 9%. The Crew were pretty poor at this last year as well. NY, San Jose, DC and Colorado are all above 10% goals per shot. Good Performance indicator, this.

Evaluation Notes from the Teacher:
You [Columbus] are trying real hard but I would like to see more individual creativity in front of goal. I realize that you don't have the genius of Guillermo, McBride or John so let's focus on taking good shots and finishing them as a team. Get the ball in front of goal and crash the box. Go, go, GO!

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