Monday, May 21, 2012

MLS Warriors in the Night

Since most incorporation-es and bureau-es of official statist-istics-es like to measure Fouls Suffered (FS) and Fouls Conceded (FC) I felt obliged to take on the stats and turn them into something meaningful.

Here's how I approached the Foul data: Who gives a whole lot more than they get?

TEAM: Player (FC:FS)
SJE: Khari Stephenson (17:2)
CHI: Pável Pardo (11:2)
HOU: Andre Hainault (9:2)
MON: Patrice Bernier (13:3)
CLB: Danny O'Rourke (12:3)
RSL: Kyle Beckerman (30:8)
HOU: Adam Moffat (15:4)

Those are they guys that do the dirty work. Dudes that the other players don't mess with. I remember Stephenson from last year. The Crew's Tommy Heinemann went toe to toe with him. Got in his head. Missing that this year. Regardless. Stephenson is a player that goes bump.

Danny O'Rourke is on this list. I like the way he plays. You'll feel his tackle, but he'll be the first guy over to help you up. Danny represents a lot of what soccer is in this country. Horrifically vicious at times (last year he broke the leg of a retired player during a scrimmage)... sportsman at other times, tough, loyal, fair, respectful.

One thing I've learnt over the past couple years pulling this league apart the best I can is this: You need guys that go bump in the night. These are the guys that shape our domestic league - for good or for bad.

MLS is for the durable warriors. Others need not apply.

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