Tuesday, May 8, 2012

In Search of a Guldan (8)

I'm starting to enjoy Patrick Guldan's Notes and Grades on the Crew. So much so that I pulled all the scores from this year for a closer look.

I also skimmed through last year because nobody has received an (8) yet this year... more on that at the bottom of this post.

Or, how about; more after the jump (just like over at his site!).

I don't have a jump here. But if I did, I would have put it right here.


Mr. Guldan is consistent and his scale is reasonable. It's also easy to understand. Here is the explanation behind it:

Note on Grades: I have set 5 as an average performance. The player had both good and bad events on the field. Under 5 is a disappointing performance. Above 5 is a notable performance.

Simple and to the point.

Here are the average scores of each Crew player, through Round 8 of this year.

Avg Rating: Player : Times Rated
6.5 : Williams : 5.0
6.3 : Vukovic : 4.0
6.2 : O'Rourke : 5.0
6.0 : Duka : 2.0
6.0 : Marshall : 7.0
5.6 : Gruenebaum : 8.0
5.6 : Mirosevic : 8.0
5.3 : Schoenfeld : 6.0
5.1 : Vargas : 7.0
5.1 : Miranda : 8.0
5.0 : Finlay : 8.0
5.0 : Tchani : 4.0
5.0 : Coaching : 8.0
4.9 : Renteria : 8.0
4.9 : Gaven : 8.0
4.8 : Anor : 5.0
4.8 : Gehrig : 4.0
4.6 : Urso : 6.0
4.4 : Francis : 7.0
4.0 : Meram : 1.0

I spent a bit of time working with min / max and variance. I also created consistency ratings based on these ratings. Link.

Since I pasted all this in a simple spreadsheet, I also pulled out Guldan's favorite adjectives out of the 1,834 he has written within "Grades" section of his grade writing this year:

# of instances: Adjective
22: Touches
16: Passing
13: Shots
11: Interceptions

Personally, I'd like to see J. Williams type words more. "Work" or "Working" only mentioned (5) times. "Teamwork", "Passion" and "Respect" (0) times. Crimes!

Want Mr. Guldan's summary of all player ratings and notes by game? Link.

I also worked with the numbers in the same way as online retailers do. As in; Net Promoter Score. Or NPS. This is a commonly used method that takes out the middle reviews and scores given as customer feedback. Theory is that the customers ridin' the fence aren't statistically important. If you want that data you can email me. No link for you.

I also created a + / - rating based off Mr. Guldan's evaluations. (No link here either.)

I've got loads to say on this but I'll stop and go out with this... Guldan has only given out one (8) score since the start of last year. April 5, 2012. FC Dallas.

Or as I know it; "The Eight Once".

Gaven (8): Very influential on and off the ball. His goal was a magnificent strike and he was a terror on the right side.

Will we see an (8) this year?

Not looking likely.

Further Reading on "Rating the Rater" evaluations:

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