Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tommy Heinemann Surgery

Adam Jardy, Columbus Dispatch, reported today that Tommy Heinemann had arthroscopic surgery on his knee last week. Positive sign is that he will not need further surgery (according to Coach Warzycha).

Arthroscopic surgery isn't a serious procedure but for a soccer player it can take a bit longer to recover, I would imagine. Maybe expect 4-6 weeks out? Time will tell.

Anybody who happens to read along with Helltown knows that Tommy is a favored player. Hope he gets back out there soon.

Adam Jardy's "Covering the Crew" blog for the Columbus Dispatch. Link.

UPDATE 4-13-12: Reported that Tommy has a fracture in his knee and will be out for the year. Also reported that William Hesmer will be out for 6 months with a similar fracture in his hip. Frustrating news. Hope to see both of them back and healthy.


Unknown said...

What?! Tommy is out? Dammit, MLS season down the tubes man.

Larry W Johnson II said...

it's up to deleon now. keep him healthy out there.