Thursday, April 26, 2012

(Sigh) New Crew Signing, Part 1: Bliss!

Did Crew Technical Director, Brian Bliss, have Jairo Arrieta get a physical before signing him? Or is this just another case of signing a player they've played against and thought looked good that one time they played.

This particular player hasn't scored in his last 13 outings. He is carrying something.

I don't get this signing. I really don't. Not at all.

Here are the reason's I can figure on why to sign another Costa Rican:

1. It was part of the 2012 business plan to have Vargas and Arrieta. It is accepted footballing theory that when signing internationals - sign a couple that know each other. Vargas has already been quoted as to where in Columbus he will take him for dinner. It was budgeted in and they are running according to plan (albeit, delayed).

2. Crew are desperate and stubborn.

This ship has sailed, Brian. The 2012 team has been formed. You go to battle with what you've got, not what you want(ed). You've got a full roster of players working their asses off right now. You've already made a signing (Schoenfeld) to cover the original mis-fire on this player so going back and mopping this signing up is a complete waste.

On top of Schoenfeld, a bunch of other players like Justin Meram are chomping at the bit to get in there and prove themselves.

Arrieta will just be a giant distraction in the middle part of this season (which will be a very difficult and trying time for the club and supporters alike).

Crew don't need a new signing like Arrieta. Bliss opened up about to Adam Jardy over at the Dispatch about having too many players. It was very informative for me.

“We’re eventually going to have to make some moves,” he said.

“The league hasn’t exactly said when but when we put in for the Arrieta thing they said, ‘You’re on borrowed time now, so how are you going to solve this?’


Any "Technical Director" that came to me with an explanation like that would be run up the flag pole.

"The Arrieta thing"? Holy shit, man. This is your job.

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