Saturday, April 21, 2012

Open Crew Spot

Microfracture surgery not only claimed both William Hesmer and Tommy Heinemann but it just effectively ended the playing career of new Crew Front Office man, Frankie Hedjuk. Fans and supporters attending tonight's game should go ahead and just plan on having microfracture surgery soon. Crew event planners take note; buck-a-microfracture surgery night.

Two free spots open up on the Crew with Hesmer and Heinemann dropping to the IR list. One would assume that the loss of a goalkeeper means one spot taken (another GK).

But what about the other open roster spot? What talent level? What position? Where from?

Rule out any international player. Just getting him here this time of year is impossible. Absolutely, eliminate any thought of a "DP" caliber player getting signed either. The team would have to overpay a quality player right now. Why this question of whether or not the club will sign one this time of year is a head scratcher.

Columbus Crew have a lot of holes to fill and those holes are not just positional. The chemistry in the middle of the field has to be much better, bringing in a body to fill a spot there might set back some of the gains made this year. Halfback / CDM spot, perhaps.

Up top might be the most logical place to sign a player too. Here are some suggestions:

Luke Mulholland, Attacking Mid
Plays for Tampa Bay Rowdies. I've talked about before Link. Signing him now might be tricky because he just signed for Tampa, but he is more than just a player, he is a young talented player with a bright future. He pays his own way back and forth to England to train with League One clubs. Signing him as a CAM would allow Warzycha to move Mirosevic up top.

Matthew Delicate, Forward
Richmond Kickers at Helltown . He fits the Heinemann mold, but could be slightly more dangerous. He also has loads of experience (29 yrs old). Were he to come to Columbus I would not just expect him to be first off the bench, I would expect him to challenge for starting spot.

Jason Garey, Forward
Yes, that Jason. He's with the Railhawks now. Played with Columbus for a long time (part of the 08 team) and his goal scoring record was well above average. In his last three years in MLS he played 1653 minutes, scored 6 goals and had 4 assists. That is a 0.33 per 90 rate (Mendoza's 2011 rate w/o PKs). Last year, Houston had no place for him. Jason knows the area, knows players and knows coaches. More importantly, we know him and what he can do.

Complete 2011 USL Pro Player stats and Helltown Player Score, LINK

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