Thursday, April 12, 2012

Crew Move Downtown

Wouldn't it be great to somehow test how well the Columbus Crew would fair if it were in downtown Columbus instead of its current location at the Fair Grounds?

Well, just so happens that Helltown is(n't) in the business of game theory. Consider that question moot. MOOT, damnit.

Huntington Park already exists and is large enough to boast a soccer pitch that meets FIFA regulations (albeit, on the small side). The maths 'foot' out (snicker). Yup, the current home of the triple A Columbus Clippers is large enough for a football pitch.

Huntington Park is pretty. It seats 10k and is part of the super happenin' Arena District. A place that boasts bars and such. Fun stuff.

The Ohio Fair Grounds boasts a hardware store and a Bob's (Frisch's) Big Boy that, one community leader tells me, should be shut down.

Wouldn't it be great if this happened just once. One home game played downtown. Fill that park up. Generate that buzz. Why not.

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