Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warzycha's Warm Seat, Heresy

The euphoria of the Crew off-season and the newness of the pre-season has dissipated into the thin air of Major League Soccer reality.

One of the results of this soul crushing reality is one familiar to every sports fan across the land... The Head Coach Hot Seat.

1. David Burgin: Robert Warzycha's Team
A link to Mr. Burgin means; go. LINK

2. Chris LaMacchia : For Crew Fans, Same Old is Not Good Enough
Mr. LaMacchia takes an emotional look at the Crew direction and proposes "balls out" solutions. LINK

Sharp truths in both articles raise tough questions that are lighting the pilot early on Warzycha's coaching position.

A handful of Crew facts since Warzycha became coach in 2009. Perhaps some misconceptions will be cleared up. A few confirmed.


A : 4TH Most wins since 2009 (LA 49, Seattle 44, RSL 41, Crew 40)

B : 2ND Fewest Draws in the league (excluding expansion sides)

C : 6TH Best, Goals For per Game

D : 4TH Best, Goals Against per Game


E : Drastic drop in Points Earned per Game between 2010 and 2011 (1.67, 1.38)

F : Goals per Game dropping each successive year since 2009 (1.37, 1.33, 1.26)

G : Goals Against per Game increasing each year (1.03, 1.13, 1.29)

F and G are troubling especially considering that we are seeing some continuation these trends in the Crew pre-season.

I think there should be questions about any three year trend in the wrong direction. Let alone a trend in two of the games most critical elements.

Robert Warzycha has spent three full years as coach. First year (2009) he and his staff tried to recapture 2008 glory. Second year (2010) more of the same but with a dash of infused obsolescence for a planned rebuilding process (letting contracts expire, routing out heretics).

The end of 2010 and all of 2011 saw the complete death and destruction of the impossible-to-maintain-in-Major League Soccer championship phoenix and seeds planted for a team grown in Warzycha's image*.

With a fresh contract signed last year I expect Warzycha and Co. to see 2012 as the true "rebuilding" year.

Will fans, supporters and the front office give Robert Warzycha enough time to pull the phoenix out of the ashes?

At this point I'll say that the team should stay committed to their plan to build a young team up, even it it hurts this year (it will). There is no major wound to heal. No last place to dig out of. To stop this process now will send the Crew into (the very crowded) perpetual OHIO pro sports Hell.

SEE: Bengals, Browns, Cavs, Indians, Reds, the goddamn Blue Jackets.

*Some may argue that you cannot grow a team in Major League Soccer.

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