Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MLS Power Ranking after Round 2

Early on the Power Ranking but wanted to be able to go back to it this summer. This just compiles my individual player ratings and averages them up by position. Doing it that way gives me a few quarks like Vancouver's GK rating (no goals against). Reason being is they had to make a GK sub which'll wash out after a handful of games. A sub at that position usually indicates a problem, anyhow.

Similar issue with DC only it's just about every position. 20 different United players already seeing time, only 2 games played.

Some teams have only played one game so not much of a data set to pull from. Still, I'm happy with how my model holds up early on. From what I'm reading out there it isn't too far off what others think and feel.

Nice work this week weighted player ratings. Take a quick break.

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Unknown said...

someday i'll find some time to write about united again... they do not look good. here's hoping to a game 3 win and a game 4 home win (1st for me of the season)