Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Power Rankings after Rd. 3

The other guys:

WV Hooligan has the Crew 13th and DC 15th. I like Drew Epperley's analysis (and... not just because West Virginians are God's People, but that's part of it). Link.

Sounder at Heart also has Columbus at 13, DC 15. These guys use The Crowd (good). Link.

Amazingly, Major League Soccer's own "staff" has the Crew at 13 as well. Noticing a trend? It is unclear to me if uses the votes of many or just one dude. Link.

Two things to take with you regarding Power Rankings:

1. Look for systems of measurement. Leave the "feelings" to 16th century alchemists like Nostradamus. NOTE: Helltown fully supports the practice of Alchemy. In fact I have a family member who has mastered parts of that mysterious science in real life as I have only mastered it in fake life.

2. Montreal: Not sure it is intellectually honest of all three of them to put Montreal at the bottom. They've had play the bad guy for two First Kicks and play a near on exhibition as a home opener. MLS offices have been remarkably cruel to them.

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