Thursday, March 8, 2012

Experts & Others: DC 100% 7th

DC United will make the 2012 Major League Soccer playoffs.

Finishing up with the MLS Eastern Conference crowd/group theory numbers now. 27 total predictions were used. About half are from "experts" the other half random finds. Not much difference, to be honest (in the picks). The pros just know how to use apostrophes, commas and "wit".

This is what the crowd thinks will happen this year:

Sporting KC, NY, Houston

Chicago, Toronto, Philadelphia, DC United, Columbus

New England, Montreal

Not much change from when I posted a couple days ago. There are general agreements: Supporter, Expert, Fan or FIFA 12 simulation.

Martin Scorsese's doc "Public Speaking" has Fran Lebowitz mentioning/saying: "...writers like to punish themselves for playing God." There are others in the same documentary that talk about writers finding inspiration then working it over and over until it is destroyed. Until it means nothing to them other than the searching and tracking back to what it was that moved them in the first place.

In that; writers like to do self destructive things whilst writing. Yes, that and more happen to reside here. Yet, I know that even though I do write, I am no writer. There is even a certain level of un-comfortableness in just mentioning Lebowitz at all. Let alone in the absurd context you happen to find here.

Thus, the non-apology, apology: There is a certain amount of power derived from having to sort your own thoughts out enough to record something, to make it permanent.

1. Swap The Philadelphia Union and The New England Revolution. The Revs will be much improved this year. They will surprise some folks and get lots of ink.

Nowak has killed the Union this year. In fact, it started last year when he brought in Adu. Continuing on to the mess with Le Toux. They are done, for now.

2. Swap DC United with Houston. DC will finish in the top four. Not Houston. The Dynamo will have a new stadium and all but it will not bare fruit this year. DC have done a lot to improve this year and I don't think it takes a lot to climb over the middle of the pack - that didn't do a whole lot of improving.

1 : Sporting KC
2 : NY
3 : DC United
4 : Chicago
5 : Toronto
6 : Houston
7 : New England
8 : Philadelphia
9 : Montreal

These days I am a pretty big Crew fan so I have removed them from the list and put them on a celestial plain of which I shall write romantically about all year.

Don Garber, MLS Commissioner, just today touched on the same thing Fran Lebowitz muses upon in Scorsese's documentary. Just that Mr. Garber mentions it as "ghost of the [old] NASL" lingering in the MLS offices and Lebowitz talks about it as the recycling of culture over the last 30 years. Perhaps the key for Garber is actually understanding the gospel of soccer first. Worrying about being the 5th most favorite sport in the USA, (sigh) next.

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