Friday, February 10, 2012

The Autonomous League of Scheduling Winter 'till I Die

Most of the United States doesn't experience a "bad winter". Hell, even the more populated parts of Canada don't even get it that bad (now, Nunavut. They know cold in Canada).

One of the arguments against changing the MLS schedule to match most of the rest of the world has been the cold winter months in certain parts of North America (which is in the Northern Hemisphere. December = Winter). I get it. It's snowing and cold in Columbus, Ohio right now.

How many weeks are we talking about, though? How about in Toronto or Montreal... How many weeks as to where the winter is so bad you can't play a match?

Six, possibly 12 weeks of harsh winter? Even at that... Aren't these areas filled with populations having to otherwise live through said winter (sports or not)? Do those same folks not identify with the winter befalling them? Would that identity not transfer over to the club they are supporting? Would it not give character???

Even at that, I'm pretty sure Impact Montreal players and fans would appreciate playing away for a few weeks more during Winter Death and those in hot climates could stand to play a few cool temp games in the fall and spring. wildly varying climates is a real luxury that we have in this part of the world. Soccer should use it.

If you turn back the years to Marco Antonio Etcheverry Vargas days you remember the reason for the summer Major League Soccer schedule had less to do with cold and more to do with the popularity of the NCAA College Football Bowl season and the NFL. It was decided back in the mid-90s that soccer had no hope against those favored sports. Things have changed some now though, the needle is starting to noticeably move - enough. Interesting that the argument for the current pro soccer schedule has shifted.

I wonder now, if the soccer season ran atop the NFL and the Buckeyes... if it would have prevented fans of those sports from stumbling down the street and copyrighting a general use soccer slogan like 'Columbus 'till I die'.

This is the 3rd part of my ongoing effort.

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