Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Crew Preseason: CCC Round 2 (Chicago)

miro smooth on ball. rt side (chad, miranda) lotta action. o'rouke rusty touch. early start time, need more folks out. vukovic with nice left ft, good cross.

fire with MF mush, crew match 1 up.

feed out...-- back now.

language of feed caller brandan hannon(sp?) better. lower div, more organic. current mls fake and forced. 'can of corn'!!.

gaven nice strike!! 25th. vukavic is my hero!! nice shot!. sloppy shit tchani. segares v crew now?. yes, blackbaud older than crew stadium.

yes! 'mason dixon line' likin' Game caller hannon. hunterjumper owning renteria. delap call out!!!!! miro playing way back. too far back.


game back, no audio? missing brandon. tom drawing foul from a tired jumper. 'inviting someone to sunday dinner'. nice by williams coming up. aggressive. finlay going down easy. vargas again with good, smart play. francis in mid? reeaaally dislike fire MF formation.

gehrig playing confident.

fire MF set up will win games like this.

'too much mustard'

what a mess, this 2nd half.

Fire Win, Crew Lose.

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