Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Barbasol Logo on Crew Gameday Shirts

Ohio based company Perio, Inc signed a deal to put the Barbasol shaving cream logo on the Columbus Crew home and away shirts for the next five years.

I hear popular Major League Soccer voices coming out of the gates ripping on the design. I also hear the Crew defenders coming out with raised fist, ready to brawl with any man or beast against them.

Truth be told? I've got my fists up here...

...but that's not entirely what it is about. The Crew didn't carry a sponsor last year. Personally, I didn't mind. I've always liked the way the NFL, NHL or MLB does it in that the Team is the brand and is identifiable by her history/traditions/brand and not the sponsorship on the front of the jersey. The litmus test for me is when I see older soccer footage. Be it England, Italy, USA or whatever. Something never quite sets right with me when I see the older sponsor. It irks me.

That said.

Perio, Inc coming out and supporting the Crew is important for many around town. It reaffirms that others like their favorite team, too.

The Rust Belt. The Old Economy.

Having a team in this area seemingly runs contrary to the modern US soccer fan: the 'generally young male, active and self aware twitter/facebook/pinterest/lordalmighty do i haveta go through more clich├ęs' MLS fan. Columbus and most of the surrounding area runs confuckingtrary to that guy.

You see. We build things here. Things upon method that keep this country running.

I work, and have been working, in manufacturing here in Columbus for over six years. For me? Reaffirmation sometimes shows itself in the form of being able to share a moment talking Crew soccer with someone who physically sweats, sneezes, and coughs up black soot. I doubt many who are casting stones at the Crew have met someone like that.

Maybe there are folks out there that have never met someone who gets a three dollar pay increase for merely not getting maimed or even dying in the first couple months at the local foundry. That same someone who might only know of the Crew through their team slogan, "Hardest working team in America."

Maybe this sport, in this country, needs a little more blue to it.

Mark McCullers and the folks that run the Crew had a big victory today. A team sponsorship that falls right in line with what I have written here and what they seemingly wish to stay true towards. What more could you ask for. What more could I ask for.

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