Friday, January 21, 2011

Un-Flying Dutchman

In April 2006, Simon Kuper wrote in the Financial Times:

"One night last year some legends of Dutch football gathered for dinner in an Amsterdam house. Around midnight conversation turned to an old question: who was the best Dutch footballer ever? Dutchmen have been voted European Footballer of the Year seven times, more than any other nationality except Germans. Yet Jan Mulder, a great centre-forward turned writer, chose a player who had never even threatened to win the award nor, at the time, a Champions League: 'Bergkamp. He had the finest technique', said Mulder. Guus Hiddink, the great Dutch manager, nodded, and so the matter was settled."

If Hiddink says so... so it is. Dennis Bergkamp will make an appearance on the Growlers for sure.


Bleeno said...

nice. and i just sorted out why the Helltown teams weren't showing up. let's pick a night of the week to go head to head. or, if it's possible, team up.

sundays? mondays? ...happy days?

Larry W Johnson II said...

I'll be on Wed at 8pm. Bring it.