Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did You Know, Redskins

Here are some interesting facts about the Redskins as a team that you will never hear about, except here. HELLTOWN.

For my brother.

1. 1942: The teams best winning record. 10-1
2. 1991: One of the best football teams in history. Outscored opponents by 16 points a game. SIXTEEN. 14-2 record.
3. DC has seen 27 different coaches since 1932
3a. Joe Gibbs coached the team for 16 total years. No other coach lasted more then 7. Allen and Flaherty.
3b. 22 of the 27 coaches have lasted 3 years or less.
4. 2010:Madden 11 correctly predicted season 6-10
5. Norv only made the playoffs 1 time in 6 years.
6. Over 16 years Joe won games by an average of 4 pts.
6a. To contrast in modern times, Zorn lost by an average of 3 pts a game.
7. 1983. The Redskins scored 34 pts a game. Followed by 32 pts p/GM in 1967 and 30 pts p/GM in 1991.
7a. 2005: Best team since 1991. 10-6. 22 pts a game. 18 against.

I could go on. Bottom line: The Redskins, in 78 years of history, have had a couple great coaches in Allen and Gibbs. Made the playoffs 21 of those years. 12 of those in my lifetime.

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