Saturday, January 22, 2011

EPL Stuff, Pitch Sizes

Searching around for stuff on the EPL today and found the "official" handbook on English teams. I found the management structure of each team interesting. Some teams are run like a typical company. By that I mean chief executive officers and, well, structure. Others are still run like a 1900 sports team. I am a bit conflicted on which I prefer. On one hand I like the idea of sportsmen running teams yet the other hand is telling me that any successful business endeavor isn't rocket science. Structure works. Teams that have it are doing well.

Among that and other things I went through every. single. team in England looking for pitch sizes. Why? the United game on today was a blowout, but I couldn't completely look away. So how did I spent my time? Well, looking up each and every single stadium in England. Yep, that's right.

Not all pitch sizes are listed and not all are accurate. I know pitch size can change season to season and can change depending on what you are looking at. The "official" handbook of the EPL didn't match anything, which I found interesting. Anyway, it's like baseball in a way. Only the grounds keeper on match day knows for sure.

I looked up 137 stadiums in England spanning about 7 leagues (sigh). Below are the top 5 with pitches larger then the normal.

9690:AFC Bournemouth:Dean Court:114x85
9516:Chester:Exacta Stadium:122x78
9204:Dorchester Town:Avenue Stadium:118x78
9184:Ipswich Town:Portman Road:112x82
8970:Nottingham Forest:City Ground:115x78

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