Monday, January 3, 2011

Fantasy Premier League

For the Brent Woodpeckers, Land'on the Free, Maennerchor and Mr. Average.

Top 3 Highest Week Total (Points):
77: Land'on (week 14)
69: Brent (week 19)
66: Land'on (week 13)

League Average per team, per week: 41.6 pts.

Most Unlucky: Land'on the Free:
The most overall points. Positive Point Differential against Brent and Maennerchor, yet in 3rd place.

Lowest Variability, Most Consistent (Absolute value, Week to week)
Land'on the Free Again! Absolute Aggregate of 206 through 21 weeks. Only +/- 9.8 pts change per week.
- 351 pt change week to week: Brent Woodpeckers +/- 16.7 week to week (not predictable)
- 320 for Maennerchor +/- 15.2 pt change week to week (not predictable)

Games left: 17

Most Improvement between first 3 weeks to latest 3 weeks:
+44: Maennerchor
+27: Brent Woodpeckers
+2: Land'on the Free

Crazy Sid Meier Graph (aggregate, all pts) by week:

Complete League table. Team in yellow, records vs opponents as well as points bellow:
Man... Matt, you gots my number! dang. For some reason I'm getting lucky against Smitty. Sorry man.

Smitty's consistency and high point total may take him to the top right at the end of this season. Myself and Matt are tweaking rosters every week, swinging for the fences! we need to be careful!

Finally, my favorite.

How are we, as a mighty American force of EPL fans, doing in their first year of EPL fantasy against the rest of the world?

Average loss to MR. Average 1st four weeks:

Last 4 Weeks?

As a group we are 95.2% to Mr. Average on the year. or -4.8% below. We have been as close as 5% to Average since week 14. Considering we were -20% below after the first 5 weeks, we are gaining! We need to step it up!

(that means me, the mighty Maennerchor).

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