Monday, August 9, 2010

To Chris Cooley:

You make the Redskins likable.

That's all.

A couple guys that made regular appearances on Cooley's blog - Todd Yoder and Colt Brennan - have been cut. In a professional sports world of rape, gun charges, drug use and murder - Yoder and Colt were a couple of the good guys. There are many like them, I guess, just will miss having them on the team.

Maybe next year when greed will possibly shut down the NFL season (once again), folks will realize that there is something more then just dollars. Fans in this country pull for teams made up of more then the bottom line.

Most professional franchises only get a couple chances a generation to win it all. But I say, the chance to have a likable team every year is 100%.

Check this out as well, HERE.

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