Thursday, August 26, 2010

FIFA 11 and you

One of the starkest differences between a game like FIFA 10 and Madden 11 is options. And number of teams. Number of teams maybe comes first. Also, the spectrum of good and bad teams that span the globe. There are many other things different betwixt the two. Both those are the biggest.

So what I'm thinking this year. September 28th, to be exact when FIFA 11 comes out. Is to try and get an online league going. Or at least join one.

It'll be XBOX 360 because I'm hoping my man Matt will be playing too.

Difficulty will be Professional. World Class seems fake. Sped up or something. Maybe I'm just not that good yet.

Game speed... will probably be "slow". Maybe normal. Slow limits goals but not difficulty. I can play as Stoke City and give Barcelona a run for it's money but with Northampton town, no matter how hard I play, I can't win.

Clubs involved will be open do discussion.

Created player is allowed. And in as much maybe the league will start a couple weeks after Sept 28th in order to train up.

Ball will be the Hummell .04 Concept.

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Bleeno said...

i am in. still playing fifa 08 right now. sad, i know. so a little bit of time to travel 3 years into the future would be much appreciated.