Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The 59

"Our fans were fantastic and I want to say a big thank you to the 59 people who made the trip to support us. They are the real loyal supporters, they gave us fantastic support and we let them down badly."

- Ian Sampson, Northampton Town Cobblers

Not sure I've ever read a quote like that.

The Cobblers are struggling this year and just came off a 4-0 loss to Hartlepool.

Speaking of 59. The Nationals are drawing some record crowds around the country. A comment under this post mused about the 59 folks that showed up. Ahh, late August baseball for teams in the basement. There is a charm to it. Really. Die hard fans are the only ones left. One of them is over at "The Nationals Enquirer". This time of year you get some real gems. I'm going to steal some of his thunder here, but it is too funny to pass up.

"During Wednesday night's Nationals-Astros game on MASN, Ray Knight seemed to come to the realization that he was armed with a telestrator in the MASN TV booth (as you probably know, Ray's been filling in for Rob Dibble the last few games of this road trip). For a few minutes in the second inning, Ray pretty much went off the deep end with his newfound telestrator power, attempting to telestrate...everything. The results were a bit confusing mostly, but let the record show that we like Ray Knight in the booth paired up with Bob Carpenter. We just hope MASN confiscates his telestrator pen from here on out."

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