Sunday, August 22, 2010

And... yet again. Madden.

Gus Johnson calling the game this year! Hot damn! Wait. Maybe I'll skip Madden this year. Nope, too late. In the cart.

Superficial first impression just looking at the thing (sigh):
Gus sounds like something out of Joe Montana Sports Talk football. "The freak! (pause) Randy Moss (pause) gets his (pause) first reception of the game." Second thing I notice here is that the players on the sidelines look better. A lot better. In between snaps the game looks better. Coach and player models are much improved. More sponsors (bothered me last year just to have, like, one). The crowd still needs work. I wish the camera was less jerky, it follows the ball precisely so if a player is getting jossled around at the line the camera shakes back and forth rapidly.

They mailed in the music this year. Wow. Not good.

Superficial review done (maybe all Madden games get these days anyway except from Bill Abner) No gameplay for me yet. I'm still having too much time playing FIFA 10. However, I did simulate this years season, just to see how some of my potential fantasy players do. Below are the results for the Skins. Not good. I'll put it in the memory bank and see what happens at the end of the season.

All the regulars at the top of the league. Manning, Bress, wait... Romo and Flacco? Bold. In rushing you get Gore, Turner, McGahee, Peterson. McGahee probably shouldn't be there. Receiving we have Colston, Marshall and Fitzgerald. I don't see Fitzgerald there because he doesn't have anyone throwing to him this year.

Biggest question I needed answered? Jake Delhomme. He finished the season with a 66.8 passer rating. 17 TDs with 17 INTs. Hmmm. We'll see how that plays out.

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