Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Molino To Crew (9 years after I spotted him)

Way back in the early days of evaluating players (here and there) Helltown plucked Kevin Molino out of the USL blender in 2012. Albeit, as MVP of the league that year, it wasn't terribly difficult to do so. I'll put that feather in my cap, however, because you can count on one finger how many people not in the USL that gave him any look. Also, he hit my radar a number of times since then, including making a top Left Mids post just last year.

Molino's Helltown Rank for Mids was 15th, which makes him a top player. SofaScore has him at 7.39 based on performances last year (which is good). WhoScored was a bit messy last year, but he is consistently above the magical 7.0 there (top 25% ish of players.

You get the idea. He's a solid MLS player and can play pretty much anywhere in the midfield. He's likely backfilling Youness Mokhtar's spot on the payroll, er, roster. Not exactly sure what happened to Mokhtar towards the end of the Crew season. Best guess is that he was on a one-year deal and knew he wasn't getting re-signed. He had a couple epically bad "don't care" apps last year. He's currently without a club.

Anywho. Nice to see Molino getting a chance with an MLS Cup-winning side who is opening a new stadium. He's earned it.

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