Sunday, January 3, 2021

PL Wins Electoral College

What if Electoral Votes went to the league with the most interest in each state via Google Trends? 

Covid has forced leagues to get creative. From "Project Restart" in England to "MLS is Back," the desire to get games on TV has clearly been intense. And for good reason. I believe that 2020 will prove to be a pivotal year in the ever-shifting soccer interest in the United States. TV numbers show that people were clearly looking for entertainment outside of their normal routine.

So, here's a fun way to look at interest over the last year.


A 3 party election. These three leagues are generally seen as the most popular in the United States. The PL is growing at a quick rate. Just a couple years ago, Liga MX was on top in terms of interest as measured by Google (important).

Electoral Votes:
399: Premier League
139: Liga MX
0: MLS


A 2 party election between MLS and the Bundesliga. MLS big, but if I'm a party pollster for either side, I'm looking at the 97 electoral votes are within a 2 pt margin (SD, WI, AL, MA, TX, NC, IN). If ESPN can get the Bundesliga off the ground, I think we might see this change soon.

Electoral Votes:
371: MLS
167: Bundesliga


La Liga v MLS (0 states within a 3 pt margin). Landslide.

Electoral Votes:
503: La Liga
35: MLS


Italy's Serie A vs MLS is a surprise, even with the battleground states removed, it's a clear Serie A victory.

Head to head...

Electoral Votes:
384: Serie A
132: MLS
22: 50/50


Bobby said...

Compare it to the WNBA and it's surprising, there's no winner (MLS leads 255-245) because Texas is split.

Larry W Johnson II said...

That's interesting. TV ratings bare that out. I have always thought that WNBA and MLS work in the same TV space.