Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Unicorn Found! MLS Prediction

Season point predictions are just about as rare as finding a Unicorn frolicking in the wild, but here is one from Harrison Crow (Analysis Evolved contributor).

Let's focus on the East because that's where I've gone deep this particular preseason.

1. ATL : 65
2. NYR : 60
3. PHI : 50
4. DCU : 50
5. NYC : 50
6. MTL : 45
7. CLB : 40
8. ORL : 40
9. FCC : 35
10. TFC : 35
11. NER : 30
12. CHI : 30

I'm not yet ready to put points to paper, but let us look at where I agree.


PLAYOFFS: NYR - Ok, I see them 4th
PLAYOFFS: DCU - 3rd is about right
PLAYOFFS: NYC - I've got them up top

CRAPPY: CHI - Horrible org, coach
CRAPPY: NER - A wasteland
CRAPPY: FCC - Just trying to get off the ground


PHI: I don't see it, like the creativeness though
TFC: They will be better than 10th
ORL: I have them last


MTL: Average
CLB: Average!

I think Philly is the one I figure gets nowhere close to 50 pts. Maybe swap them and Columbus. Orlando is still absolute garbage, so maybe switch them with New England.

Here's mine, without the points:

1. NYC
2. ATL
3. DCU
4. NYR
5. TFC
6. MTL
7. CLB
8. NER
9. FCC
10. PHI
11. CHI
12. ORL

For the handful of Crew fans out there that still read this blog... I love that they are bringing back 90+% of minutes from last season. Some of that, I'm sure, is situational. Carryover minutes, however. One of the best predictors of success in MLS. I can see that carrying them up a couple spots if Caleb Porter can get it right.

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